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Atalaya’s Jam Session

To będzie wyjątkowy wieczór improwizacyjny. Będzie to świetna okazja do przyjrzenia się, czym jest metoda improwizacji i jak bardzo może być przydatna w codziennych sytuacjach i relacjach międzyludzkich.
Poniżej przeczytaj więcej o naszym wieczorze – ze względu na obecność gościa specjalnego – improwizatorki z Rumunii, Marii Carbunaru, część wieczoru odbędzie się w języku angielskim.

„Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” Samuel Beckett

This evening – leave your comfort zone and try performing on stage – or watch improvisers and enjoy improv performance experience. Join Atalaya’s Improv Jam Session, where you can take your chance in improv with group of people with amazing energy in a friendly atmosphere. The Jam Session is addressed to educators and trainers, as well as to everybody who feels passion for performing live. Both total beginners and those who have already experienced improvisation, are equally welcomed.

We will take the best of jam session – the fun and energy triggered by completing each other in a spontanious way and accepting endless surprises. We will also make an attempt to present improvisation as an inspiration for (self) development. We will do some creative exercises, two-persons improv scenes and some group formats to practice our cooperation skills, authenticity and failing gloriously.

Our special guest Maria Carbunaru will share her improv experience and her contagious enthusiasm with us. Maria is a Romanian improviser and nonformal education trainer. She runs improv workshops focused on uncovering the creative potential of people to act truthfully and establish meaningful relationships. About improv she says: “For me improv starts when I stop taking myself so seriously”.

If you want to take part just come. You can buy the ticket right before the event, it’s 10 PLN.

It’s gonna be great evening. Come and join us!

The event is part of: „Experience Creativity – Methods for Trainers” project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.