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Current projects

What are some of the latest things going in at Atalaya? We invite you to read, sign up and to engage in various activities – please contact us if you wish to participate in any of the projects.

  • Innovation Academy

    The project consists of three free development-educational workshops for children aged 6-10 from Warsaw. Each class encompasses the development of social as well as inquiry and digital skills.

    We invite you to take part in three series of workshops (5 x 2 hr meetings each):

    • Rising Scientists Laboratory
    • Young astronomers – a journey to the stars
    • Focus on entrepreneurship

    logo_biale_wspolfinansowanieProject is co-organized by the Public Library in the Ochota district and is co-financed by the funds of the City of Warsaw.

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    • Social media seminar

      In response to organizations’ needs we created a hands-on seminar where you will learn how to apply these innovative tools to promote your projects and reach your target groups. Together we will answer the question: how do we plan and manage our online promotional campaigns effectively with no budget while constantly being short-staffed? Making a few thought out changes and introducing powerful free online tools is the only thing you’ll need in order to improve your current marketing strategy. With us you’ll begin to uncover secrets about how to use social media to your advantage and what are the major differences between new and traditional promotional strategies.

      Next seminar: May 19th

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      • Educoaching – NVC in action

        We conduct group coaching sessions for tutors from child care homes in Warsaw. During the workshops we present The Non-Violent Communication Method (NVC) as a method, a way and a philosophy of acting. The group coaching creates a space where everyone can gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their teams and their environment, share their experience, experiment with new approaches to everyday situations, and build good habits on the both reasoning and acting level. Coaching is a unique method of defining by participants detailed subjects of meetings, according to their needs. Coaching is also a tool for professional development, which guides the participant through their process of planning the future in accordance with their own system of values and beliefs.

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        • “In contact” – development and educational classes with elements of drama

          Weekly, regular classes for a group of children and young people from child care homes in Warsaw, during which the group works with a predefined issue, concept or challenge. The objective of every 1,5h meeting is set together with participants. The goal might be consulted earlier with tutors if needed. It is crucial in drama to leave to participants the decision making in range of defining the objective and the way of concluding the situation brought out during the classes. The meetings are usually conducted by two people, at least one of whom is a psychologist. Below we present a description of the method together with the phases of the drama workflow.

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