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  • Innovation Academy consists of three free development-educational workshops for children aged 6-10 from Warsaw. Each class encompasses the development of social as well as inquiry and digital skills.

    We invite you to take part in three series of workshops (5 x 2 hr meetings each):

    • Rising Scientists Laboratory 
    • Young astronomers – a journey to the stars
    • Focus on entrepreneurship

    logo_biale_wspolfinansowanieProject is co-organized by the Public Library in the Ochota district and is co-financed by the funds of the City of Warsaw.

    Take part! Terms and regulations

    We invite you to choose one of the three free educational workshops:

    Young astronomers – a journey to the stars

    Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 19.42.58A series of classes which aim to introduce to the topic of space and stars in a passionate way, at the same time developing motor and social skills as well as imagination. Children prepare for a trip into space, construct a spaceship with their team and together complete space missions tailored for their needs, which require various skills such as working in a team and communication. During our workshops children encounter alien civilizations in space and land on an unknown planet, where as a part of the expedition they try to plant edible vegetables. With the help of various methods of active learning kids develop manual and technical skills, learn how to work and communicate in a team, and improve their creativity and logical reasoning. There will also be an opportunity to meet famous astronomers and explore far-away planets.

    Investing in entrepreneurship


    Since the early years we teach children how to manage their budget through pocket money or independent shopping in the store. Would our youngest be able to make ends meet in real life on their own? Do they know what unexpected expenses may await us? Where does close to half of our salary slip away when we start to earn money?

    During our workshops about discovering the secrets of entrepreneurship and innovation we will together answer each of these difficult questions. In order debunk the myth that money come from trees, we created the program „Investing in entrepreneurship”. Difficult topics related to earning and saving money, and also to getting along in the labor market are presented to the kids in a form of engaging workshops filled with games, innovative methods of learning, team work and challenges.

    The objective of the program is to introduce basic topics related to entrepreneurship and further on, to test acquired knowledge in practice during our game „On a minimal wage”. We will adjust the topics presented and the scope of discussed issues according to age of children, interests of a group and expectations of participating kids.

    Young Scientists Laboratory

    lab_kolorDuring the workshops the children became young scientists and through various experiments and observations they practice their skills to formulate questions and to work with their very own research team. By learning through experience the kids learn interesting facts about the world around them: the scientific method, endangered species, basic chemical reactions, optical illusions, bacteria and viruses or the magic wonders of dry ice. At the same time, working with the use of active methods of learning, they take part in brainstorms, solve problems and analyze different phenomena.