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  • Oftentimes non-government organizations report that under the pressure of day-to-day activities it is difficult for staff to find the time for promoting their NGO. We realize that non-profit organizations usually do not have several departments specializing in different fields: applying for grants, projects, fundraising activities or promotion and marketing. To address this problem, we need to look for different solutions that those applied in corporations, where the promotion budget often amounts to great sums. At Atalaya we use predominantly free online tools which facilitate brand-building and communication with our target audience. In response to organizations’ needs we created a hands-on seminar where you will learn how to apply these innovative tools to promote your projects and reach your target groups.

    Making a few thought out changes and introducing powerful free online tools is the only thing you’ll need in order to improve your current marketing strategy. With us you’ll begin to uncover secrets about how to use social media to your advantage and what are the major differences between new and traditional promotional strategies.

    Here is the out main challenge: how do we plan and manage our online promotional campaigns effectively with no budget while constantly being short-staffed? 
    During this seminar we will look in detail at who makes us our target groups as well as their activity online. We will choose the communication channel through which it will be easiest to reach them. Then we will present how to schedule a promotion campaign for social media in just a few minutes. At the end of part one we will provide you with some useful techniques for taking on Facebook and EdgeRider. An invaluable tool of promotion for NGOs is „Google for Non-Profit”. We will help you register your organizations in the system and apply for a grant which allows to plan advertisements through Google AdWords free of charge. To make sure you get the most out of our workshop, we will provide access to computers where you will have an opportunity to practice these tools on your own as we go. We also encourage you to bring your own laptops in order to familiarize yourselves with these tools.

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    • Identifying the target audience
    • Improving of communication strategy
    • Gaining insight into currently available social media platforms
    • Adjusting the message and communication medium to fit your target audience
    • Scheduling promotion campaigns
    • Introducing tools for effective management of social media sites: Hootsuite, Tweepi
    • Learning how to prepare promotional campaigns with free online reports such a Sortrender
    The seminar is best suited for those who already have a fanpage on Facebook. Having one’s own website or account on Twitter would also be a big help. It is NOT required to have an account on: Hootsuite, G4NP or Canva – we will get to know them during our workshops. Standard methods of ATL promotion such as: posters, flyers, TV advertising or press release will not be discussed during this seminar.

    Part 1

    • Audit of currently conducted online promotion of organization:  identifying the target audience and customizing the message
    • How to benefit from social media? Effective fanpage management on the most popular SM platforms: Facebook and Twitter
    • Scheduling the first promotional campaign
    • Singing up on Hootsuite and managing many social media accounts simultaneously.
    • Pre-registration on Google for Non-Profit

    Part 2

    • How to track effectivess of conducted campaigns and how to learn on your own mistakes?
    • Conception of your own promotion canvas – Canva
    • Applying for Google Ad Grants. Rules and tips on how to make use of Google’s adverts
    • Q&A session and a summary

    Before the workshops the participants will receive a survey with questions about their current their online promotional activities. To apply for Google Grants (which will be covered during the second part of the seminar) it is necessary to sign up first on the website technologie.org, in order to confirm your organization’s information. More information with step-by-step instructions will be sent to the participants two weeks prior to the workshops since the verification process takes about one week. After registration everyone is generated a token which is needed to log onto Google for Non-Profit.

    Upcoming seminars:

    We still have seats available for:

    • Wednesday, 20.07.2016, 10:00-17:00

    PlaceThe headquarters of the foundation, Wolska 66/39 st., 01-134 Warsaw
    Number of places: 8
    Apply to: anna.brymora@atalaya.pl
    The cost for people from non-governmental organizations: PLN 65 (payment within 5 days after you receive the confirmation of participation).
    The cost for people from other organizations: PLN 130 (payment within 5 days after you receive the confirmation of participation).
    We offer a certificate which confirms participation in seminars at the additional cost of PLN 5.

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    Should the price be the only obstacle of your participation in this seminar, please contact us.