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It’s not about the cake

Zapraszamy na warsztat na temat autentyczności i świadomości emocji pod nazwą: „It’s not about the cake”. Gościem specjalnym tego warsztatu jest rumuńska improwizatorka Maria Carbunaru. Warsztat prowadzony będzie w języku angielskim. Więcej o warsztacie:

Date & place: 27-28 October 2018, Warsaw (exact place to be chosen according to number of participants);
Saturday 10:00 – 18:00 & Sunday 10:00 – 16:30; workshop in English.
Sign up fee: 100 PLN
If you are connected with foster care system, the fee is 0 PLN (there is only a reservation fee of 50PLN – to be refunded at the end of workshop).

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“I want to break free!”
This is not just a line of a song, but a value that so many of us naturally strive for: to be able to act spontaneously and authentic in a way that creates meaningful relationships.
And that’s what we have improv for!

Improv is a great tool to uncover the playful part of yourself, through creative exercises, short scenes or stories.

Do I need acting experience to take part in this?
No, this workshop is for everyone, regardless of previous experiences.
What you need, instead, is: openness, motivation to discover new parts of yourself and the wish to have fun!

In a relaxed & friendly environment, you’ll:
• become more comfortable with the unpredictable
• allow yourself to react authentically
• develop the unique attitude of failing gloriously
• develop your power of emotional expression
• become more skillful in reading the emotional expression of others
• play, sing, interact
• practice, practice and more practice!

Where can I use this after?
In all the situations where is required of you to act spontaneously and flexible, to communicate efficiently and to establish truthful relationships.
As a parent, in your couple or at your working place, because improv, in the end, it’s a simulation of…life.


Maria Carbunaru is a Romanian improviser and nonformal education trainer. She is working in the field of self-awareness and personal development since 2009. She is coordinating @Education Studio, a youth organization in Cluj where she founded a self-development improv school called @ACTitude. She is running improv workshops focused on uncovering the creative potential of people to act truthfully and establish meaningful relationships. About Improv she says:
“For me improv starts when I stop taking myself so seriously”.

Anna Ejme is a psychologist, coach, Atalaya Foundation’s founder and president with over 12-year experience in personal development. She is a great fan of performative methods in personal development, mainly British Drama and psychodrama and recently also improvisation. She is on her therapeutic path in Polish Institute of Psychodrama. She has graduated from Psychology at UW with a specialty in Supporting Personal Development, interpersonal training school in Cracow, trainer and coach school with TROP Group and Business Trainer School. “This is it. right here right now. Be the authentic part of the present, as the present is a real gift.”

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Amount: 100 PLN
Title: Improv workshop – It’s not about the cake

Cancellations: We will happily refund you, if you cancel early. There will be no refunds given for cancellations within 7 days ahead of the workshop start time.