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One trip to Island. One truely unique vernissage. 30 exquisite photographs. 10 young travelers. One holiday trip. 10 Christmas presents waiting for them underneath their pillows.

At Atalaya Foundation we have had the pleasure of working with youth from the “Koło” Institutional Care Center in Warsaw (Ośrodka Wsparcia Dziecka i Rodziny “Koło” w Warszawie). These kids are unbelievable independent, brave and curious about the world that surrounds them. They have a long list of dreams and their list of goals to achieve is endless.

In 2015 we had the privilege to help them make one of those dreams come true – a winter get away with horseback riding lessons. On November 26th we organized a photography vernissage featuring the works of Michał Jakóbiak showcasing his love for travel and Island.

The vernissage included phenomenal views from Island and a few exceptional portraits. Thanks to all those who found the time to join us during this event, become Santa and support our case we were able to collect 3,049PLN.  The entire amount was used to may for the kids’ trip and the presents they found underneath the pillows on St. Nick’s Day which we celebrate in Poland on December 6th.


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