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  • Coaching for NGO leaders

    The objective of this project was to create a series of group coachings to strengthen the teams of NGOs in the Warsaw area working to benefit our cities residents and it’s culture. The project was made up of 5 meetings, 3.5hrs each. The goal was enhancing the skills of NGO leaders from the Śródmieście area of Warsaw therefore improving the quality of upcoming cultural events. The project was financed by the Śródmieście Disctrict of Warsaw. The project was aimed at:

    • Organisations working in the Śródmieście District of Warsaw;
    • Foundations or Associations focusing on promoting culture;
    • Leaders and persons actively participating in the growth of their organisation.

    Project summary

    Group coachings organized by Atalaya Foundation gives NGO members an opportunity to learn about themselves, their team, the environment they work in as well as exchange valuble information, experiment, test out new strategies and enstill good habits in planning and execution of goals. During our meetings we discussed: how to bring into life changes organizations envisioned for themselves, taking responsibility for decisions and mapping out the future in keeping with the values of all the NGO’s members.

    Group coaching is a method which enables the process of sharing information and experiences. Coaching is currently most closely tied to business cirlces, where it is highly favored due to its high effectiveness. It increases self-confidence, develops interpersonal skills, increases productivity in running an organization, improves time management and team effectiveness.