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  • After the great success of our first international youth project “In Charge of Time”, Atalayowa youth said they wanted more! Our first trip was an opportunity to prove yourself as hosts by welcoming young people from Slovenia. Participants worked on competences such as self-confidence, communication, taking initiative and time management. They agreed, however, that it was difficult for them to get to know another culture thoroughly when meeting our partner in Krakow. The idea arose for the new project to take place outside our country so that it could be completely immersed in a new, separate culture. At the same time, it creates an additional challenge which is to present Polish culture abroad.

    Our new project “Cultured Up” focuses on expanding cultural awareness, enabling young people to deeply learn about Portugal’s national heritage and to present Poland’s national heritage.
    During the project, we will work on three key competences: knowledge of English, intercultural awareness and project planning. Projects such as “Cultured Up” create a space for conversations about diversity and integration within social groups, which are areas of particular importance to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. We would like our young people to feel not only connected with Poland but also with Europe. Perhaps this will encourage them to leave their comfort zone and to travel independently.
    During the weekly project, we will share the culture of each country, local cuisine, dances, music, games and leisure activities. The workshops were prepared by young people from both countries during the project preparation workshops in English.
    The project is financed by Erasmus +, action K1 Youth mobility.
    To see the importance of international projects for young people click in a link.