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The project aims to enrich and develop Atalaya trainers’ competences in the field of new, innovative methods of work, dedicated to adult participants. By taking part in two 5-day-trainings, the foundation’s staff increased theirs skills and widen knowledge about two methods: Creative Writing, taught by Icelandic organization Reykjavik Academy and Improvisation Theater, delivered by Romanian organization Education Studio in Cluj-Napoca.

Creative WritingCreative Writing: the method is used to promote personal growth and intercultural competences and its aims are to shape imagination, the ability to use literary forms, symbolism, expression and language awareness. It develops reading and context understanding skills, verbal expression and spontaneity. The participant group will be met in their period of development and points of interest. Writing methods will be fiction writing, memoir writing and writing that focuses on understanding your own point of view and presenting it to the public in a written way. Besides traditional creative writing techniques, the method will also contain other techniques such as sociometric, digital storytelling and Hero´s Journey.



Improvisational theater: the method itself is based on creating short-form stories, scenes, and sometimes poems and songs in a spontaneous way. It challenges oneself to trust his/her instincts, explore creativity and cooperate with others in a very easy and engaging way.
Improvisational theatre develops :
– Abilities of efficient communication
– Spontaneity, creativity and adaptability
– Public speaking skills
– Self-discovery and self-management
– Cooperation
– Acceptance of oneself and others
– Verbal expression, logical thinking.
During the mobility in Romania, we plan to explore the method and the basics of implementing a project based on improvisational theatre.

Summary of the project

The Experience Creativity project was an extraordinary journey for the Atalaya team about new methods of learning and teaching. We could develop them and test them on ourselves. 11 trainers working at the Foundation took part in both training trips. Thanks to the project, we were able to increase practical skills relevant to our current job and professional development. We have raised our own social, linguistic and cultural competences. First of all, we have established new contacts and strengthened our network of the Foundation community.
During the implementation of dissemination projects, we could pass on to educators and trainers what we have learned. In total, over 70 people participated in our workshops about using the Creative Writing method and the Improvisation Theater. We incorporate the known methods into our permanent activities.


What has already happened?

  • Seminarium – „Co się kryje za agresją?”

    Seminarium stanowi wstęp do pracy z osobami, przejawiającymi zachowania agresywne. Przyjrzymy się temu, co kryje się za agresją, jak na nią reagować i podejmiemy praktyczne kroki ku lepszemu zrozumieniu tematu. Pracować będziemy z zastosowaniem m.in. metody kreatywnego pisania, przywiezionej prosto z Islandii.

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    • Przeszłość, przyszłość i teraźniejszość na kartce papieru

      Przy ciepłej herbacie i w dobrym towarzystwie popiszemy o tym, co nam w duszy gra. Znajdziemy chwilę by nawiązać do wspomnień, lecz głównie skupimy się na tym co w naszym życiu dzieje się tu i teraz. Będzie też przestrzeń na to by rozmarzyć się o przyszłości. Czy mamy jakieś plany i marzenia, które wyznaczają nam cel do którego dążymy? Na to i wiele innych pytań postaramy się znaleźć odpowiedź przy pomocy techniki kreatywnego pisania.

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      • Improv workshop – It’s not about the cake

        “I want to break free!”
        This is not just a line of a song, but a value that so many of us naturally strive for: to be able to act spontaneously and authentic in a way that creates meaningful relationships.
        And that’s what we have improv for!

        Improv is a great tool to uncover the playful part of yourself, through creative exercises, short scenes or stories.

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        • Atalaya’s Jam Session

          „Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” Samuel Beckett

          This evening – leave your comfort zone and try performing on stage – or watch improvisers and enjoy improv performance experience. Our special guest Maria Carbunaru will share her improv experience and her contagious enthusiasm with us.

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          • Enchanted Cab – workshop for adults in writing fairy tales for children

            Workshop with elements of the Creative Writing method, which the Atalaya Foundation trainers: Paulina Jędrzejewska and Marzena Stopa met during the training in Iceland – the land of ice and fire, inhabited by trolls. During the workshop consisting of two three-hour meetings, participants learned about creative writing techniques, which are used to extract the layers of creativity and help in writing skills. They also learned how to write a concept or a whole story for a child and to awaken in him or her a passion for creating stories. They had the opportunity to reflect on what values they want to convey to children through cartoons and what attitudes they want to support in their children. As a result, they created a fairy tale, and then give it to an important person as a gift.

            • Psychosexuality of children

              The workshop was run with active methods. We involved the participants, encouraging them to work with their own authentic material. We had reflection time, we worked in pairs, subgroups and on the forum with empathic support of trainers. As part of the workshop, the participants received a shot of knowledge about the psychosexual development of children.

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              • A trip back the memory lane

                The workshop was conducted in order to bring all of those amazing things we learned in Iceland. We gathered in a local neighborhood club together with the members – ladies of all ages and backgrounds. During the class we experienced a trip down the memory lanes – using writing exercises and stimulators we remembered our childhood adventures, our past and present relationships and situations that made us who we are now. The Creative Writing Workshops ” The Return of Memories” were full of reflection, words on paper, emotions, but also laughter. Participants got to know Icelandic workshop methods, and we gained another coaching experience.

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                • Let’s write, share and connect!

                  3 hours, 2 languages, 1 couch and 5 awesome participants!
                  I wanted to create space, for foreigners living in Oswiecim and local society. The place where they can share their stories and strengthen bonds with the locals. Because lately I moved outside Poland, so I know, how hard sometimes is to find new friends and to feel at home, when you have to deal with new city, new culture, new language.

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