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Participation in the project is the “First fitting” for starting the adulthood and living on your own. It is a vocational activation program that Atalaya is implementing for the second time with LPP company.




The project is addressed to young people from foster care who are preparing for independent living. We recruited 7 people to work in the various locations of Mohito, Sinsay, House, and Reserved stores. Participants have signed contracts and work for a fee in clothing stores as a seller under the guidance of experienced LPP employees and professional mentors.

The program enables young people to gain professional experience in clothing stores during the holiday season. It is also a chance for later employment, after the project, for the employees involved.

Korzystając z doświadczeń naszej kadry, oferujemy młodzieży wsparcie indywidualne w postaci konsultacji lub coachingu, który jest wyjątkową formą pracy nad własnymi zasobami. Młodzież może przyjrzeć się trudnościom na jakie natrafia zarówno w życiu prywatnym, jak i zawodowym, poszukać, gdzie leżą źródła tych trudności. Mogą nauczyć się również zmieniać nawyki, wypracowywać nowe zachowania i reakcje. Podczas spotkań staramy się spojrzeć szerzej na problemy i nurtujące młodzież zagadnienia.





Using the experience of our staff, we offer young people individual support in the form of consultation or coaching, which is a unique form of working on their own resources. Young people can look at the difficulties they face in both their private and professional lives, look for where the sources of these difficulties lie. They can also learn to change habits, develop new behaviors and reactions. During meetings, we try to look more broadly at problems and issues that bother young people.




We have completed the next edition of the First Fitting project, implemented by the company LPP. The project was completed by 4 participants who worked the whole vacation in a safe space, at various job-positions, under the guidance of experienced mentors.


During the summary, we were able to talk about the main competences that youth developed while working in clothing stores in Warsaw. We also heard from participants what to work on and what to change in future editions, so that cooperation for both mentors and coordinators, but above all for young people, was comfortable. One of the meetings was a workshop conducted by Sylwia Rybak on mental resilience. It was a very interesting experience that will definitely help young people in their further work. As we know, at work we face many difficult situations, challenges, stress and pressure. It is worth having the ability to effectively deal with them. Yesterday’s meeting was a short substitute for further work on this part of ourselves.












A few shots from the backstage of the photo session of the participants, which took place on August 28, 2019:

  • The first edition of the project took place in 2018:

    The project was addressed to young people from foster care, preparing for independent living. We conducted preliminary meetings with young people, in which we recruited 8 people to work in the stores of their choice (Mohito, Sinsay, House, Cropp). The selected participants signed contracts and worked for a fee in clothing stores as a seller under the guidance of experienced LPP employees and professional mentors.

    Group meetings were also held throughout the entire project. Their goal was to provide psychological support for young people, administrative preparation for taking up a job, support in naming difficulties and solving problems arising at work, developing communication skills, flexibility and openness to change, improving the ability to establish business and formal relationships.
    We managed to establish cooperation with the LPP company thanks to the TransferHUB team and the Gdańsk Foundation for Social Innovation, where the first edition of the project took place in 2017. Below is the report from the project: