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Over the past three years, Atalaya has had the opportunity to cooperate with the LUR organization working for youth in Slovenia. So far, as part of the Erasmus + Values ​​in Action Methods Exchange program, our staff exchanged methods and experiences. Now it’s time for our youth. From January 19 to 27, 2018, we went on a joint trip to Krakow, where young people had the opportunity to answer the social problem they identified: How to spend time in an active and inspiring way with interesting people people without parties, drugs and destructive behavior?
Inspired by activating methods, they decided to create a field game that required them independence, creativity, commitment and cooperation in a culturally and linguistically diverse environment. We will divide the game into chapters that were developed by intercultural teams. We devoted the penultimate day to testing. Each participant completed all challenges in which the game masters were their creators. The final effect is now available through the ActionBound app (instructions and game link below).

During the trip, there were also opportunities to visit Krakow, where not many of our participants had the opportunity to be found. We learned the secrets of Kazimierz, street art and there was a short replay of history. The young people used their evening free time for the cinema, skates, escape rooms, long conversations about life and … English lessons. As always, we focus on the greatest independence of young people, giving them initiative wherever possible. It is their project, their trip and their adventure. The project has exceeded our wildest expectations and we are currently looking for new international partners with whom we could repeat this success.

ICOTNext time you are in Krakow, download the ActionBound application and play in our city game(the link will take you to the ActionBound website where you can scan the QR code and get the game started). It is a team game full of challenges scattered around the most interesting places in Krakow. It will require players to take courage, leave their own comfort zone, knowledge of Polish (and partly also Slovenian) culture and perseverance in searching for the next points and stages.

On our social channels you will find photos from the preparations, workshops and the trip itself. This is how the final play of our game looked like on January 25, 2018. The winning team reached the finish in 5 hours and 3 minutes:

Erasmus+ Ljudska univerza Radovljica