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Our youth participated in the “Safe Internship” project implemented by the Robinson Crusoe Foundation. It made it possible to gain first professional experience in a safe and friendly company and business environment. Internships were often the first contact with the labor market for young people and the opportunity to test themselves as employees.

The goal of the program was to develop social skills, work in a team, increase self-confidence and motivation to plan the future career path. Thanks to internships, young people could check if the ideas about individual professions coincide with reality, how they will cope in new roles in various positions and can meet employees – friendly adults who will show what work is all about.

In companies, young people could count on the support of mentors, and on the part of our Foundation – on the help of a guardian. We were in constant contact with young people to answer their questions and solve difficulties, if any. We mediated in contact between interns and mentors to keep up to date what is happening at work, whether the tasks are tailored to preferences and skills, what cooperation between young people and employers looks like.

Young people did their internships at companies such as Aviva, PKP Energetyka, Thumos, Dentons, Clifford Chance.