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  • Supervision is a method of work focused on increasing professional efficiency through the exchange of participants’ experience, formulation of goals for joint and individual work, diagnosis of sources of difficulties and strengths that allow working on solutions. During supervision, participants also touch on areas of beliefs and feelings, thanks to which it is possible to deepen awareness of their own work and, consequently, to develop. Supervision includes working with development and educational (non-therapeutic) groups. In particular, we provide supervision services to teams of educators in childcare centers and other specialists who work with children and young people on a daily basis, as well as teams in non-governmental organizations. Specialist supervision is also possible, in which, apart from the supervisor, a specialist in a given field, e.g. a sexologist, participates.

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    Facilitation and moderation of meetings
    We also offer support during team meetings at which the presence of “an outside person” who is not involved in the work of the group on a daily basis may be helpful (and sometimes necessary). Thanks to her/his interventions, the team can effectively define needs and / or problems to solve, undergo conflicts or avoid them, as well as develop an action plan and thus achieve the intended goals of the meeting.