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Continuing the tradition of holiday education and development projects this year, in cooperation with the Spanish organization Permacultura Cantabria, we visited Ramales de la Victoria as part of the „Taste the Culture” project.
Our pupils, together with Spanish youth, worked on the super-important competence needed at the start, when leaving the life of the institution. Together they will look for the answer to the question – How to cook healthy and cheap?
We presented the most interesting – from the youth perspective – Polish recipes and we learned some new ideas from Spanish cuisine.

The result of the project is a cookbook in which we put recipes for dishes prepared during the project by Polish and Spanish youth. Below you can preview it and download in English.

Cook book

Taste The Culture is a project that combined many goals important for our youth:

1. Learning English through experience.
2. Sharing Polish culture and learning Spanish culture.
3. Building self-esteem by gaining valuable experiences that young people can later be proud of.
4. Changing the environment – sometimes the best motivator for action and change is a moment of breath and taking a distance.
5. Individual work with psychologists who are project supervisors and travel as support for young people.

The project is financed by Erasmus +, action K1 Youth mobility.

See a short account of our project here:

Here are short videos summarizing the recipes prepared by us:

  • Apple pies – movie
  • Gazpacho – movie
  • Baked beans – movie
  • Schnitzel- movie
  • Pierogi – movie
  • San Jacobo – movie

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