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  • The foundation is coming back to cooperation with its partner from Portugal! We continue the adventure which was the trip “Cultured Up” thanks to the new project “Tell Me Your Story”.
    During the youth exchange in Madeira we talked a lot about culture, nature, cuisine and national heritage. We had an exceptionally well-coordinated group that was also ready to tell about their own personal stories and how they fit into our culture.

    Digital story-telling is our work method in this project. We wanted to use a medium that would be adapted to the everyday lives of young people. Even a 3-minute video can reveal a piece of us that we want to share with the world. Young people worked in mixed pairs – one person from each country – searching for their own topic, creating storyboards, collecting media, recording history and editing the final product.
    We were extremely surprised by the full range of different stories that they decided to present. These are authentic, exciting, touching and painfully sincere content.
    Our trips aimed at getting to know the local culture and nature were an additional opportunity for reflection and collecting media. A walk along the Kościeliska Valley is a unique opportunity to consider how atmospheric and geographical conditions have influenced the history and traditions of the area. We can also compare it to the reality of Madeira, distant from the continent.

    Each of our intercultural trips is designed to support young people in taking the initiative, leaving their own comfort zone and increasing cultural awareness. In a few cases, we also receive feedback from teachers that the jump in English after the project week is greater than when working in class for a semester. What is unique about the “Tell Me Your Story” project is the development of digital competence and the use of new media to share your own stories.