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Experience Creativity: Methods for Trainers

The project aims to enrich and develop Atalaya trainers’ competences in the field of new, innovative methods of work, dedicated to adult participants.

By taking part in two 5-day-trainings, the foundation’s staff will increase theirs skills and widen knowledge about two methods: Creative Writing, taught by Icelandic organization Reykjavik Academy and Improvisation Theater, delivered by Romanian organization Education Studio in Cluj-Napoca.

Creative WritingCreative Writing: the method is used to promote personal growth and intercultural competences and its aims are to shape imagination, the ability to use literary forms, symbolism, expression and language awareness. It develops reading and context understanding skills, verbal expression and spontaneity. The participant group will be met in their period of development and points of interest. Writing methods will be fiction writing, memoir writing and writing that focuses on understanding your own point of view and presenting it to the public in a written way. Besides traditional creative writing techniques, the method will also contain other techniques such as sociometric, digital storytelling and Hero´s Journey.

ImprovImprovisational theater: the method itself is based on creating short-form stories, scenes, and sometimes poems and songs in a spontaneous way. It challenges oneself to trust his/her instincts, explore creativity and cooperate with others in a very easy and engaging way.
Improvisational theatre develops :
– Abilities of efficient communication
– Spontaneity, creativity and adaptability
– Public speaking skills
– Self-discovery and self-management
– Cooperation
– Acceptance of oneself and others
– Verbal expression, logical thinking.
During the mobility in Romania, we plan to explore the method and the basics of implementing a project based on improvisational theatre.

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