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Metaphors of Us – Empowering adults in foster care system


The project aims to enrich and develop Atalaya trainers’ competences in the field of new, innovative approaches of work, dedicated to adult fosterlings and foster parents.

It consists of two intensive, tailor made trainings, dedicated to 2 approaches:

Forum Theater

Forum Theatre is a method to engage people to deal with difficult issues, such as oppression, through the means of drama. It consists of the actors, the audience who are called “spect-actors” and a joker who facilitates the piece. Forum theatre encourages audience, who are also the target group of the subject matter to actively participate to solve problems. We will be taught this method by Finnish organization Risa Production in Helsinki.

Figurine method„If your shadow could speak” training is a fully interactive, all-in event. During this workshop we will work on our real-life experiences and challenges, getting to know the approach and using the projective method with figurines, developed by Pernille Plantener. The workshop covers following subjects:
• changing of the inner dialogue so that it becomes empathic and constructive
• ways of healing the wounds of previous hurt
• getting to know each voice in one’s inner community, befriend the critical voices and hold the hurt parts within with warmth and care
• overcoming fear and moving through current life decisions.
This workshop will be developed by Danish organization BusinessByHeart.

By taking part in this two trainings, the foundation’s staff will increase theirs skills and widen knowledge about two innovative approaches. We would use Forum Theater to help parents of foster children to face common problems through drama and then try different solutions in a safe environment with the support of the actors and the facilitator. Another goal for Atalaya stuff is to use Figurines method in supporting others on the journey towards self-acceptance and finding a trusted, ever present ally inside. The approach would be very helpful especially in working with foster parents and legal guardians.


Erika Eva Risa Production

Erika Eva is a Finnish theatre director, performer and teacher. She holds Master’s Degrees from both Theatre Directing (East15, UK) and teaching (Oulu University, Finland). Her credits include directing, devising and teaching theatre across Europe. She is also experienced in improvisation theatre as a performer, director and trainer. Currently she performs with Helsinki – based improv group Himokas Peura. In 2017, Erika founded Ekata Theatre to produce physical theatre that transcends linguistic and national borders. Erika’s own style has been compared to the likes of Complicité and Isango Ensemble for her prop-play and transformations.


Pernille Plantener BusinessByHeart

Pernille Plantener is a consultant, trainer and coach in companies, families and with individual clients. She has taught courses on communication, coaching and business development. Trained in organic farming and agricultural engineering, Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication, Certified Coach at PCC Level, and Mentor Coach. She trained in Internal Family systems, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Resonant Healing of psychic traumas. Pernille uses figurines to model the multi-facetted nature of the human mind.