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Volunteer Program launched!

Due to the rapid development of the Foundation, we have launched a volunteer program, to which we invite people interested in the areas of education and personal development, open to a variety of activities in these areas.

We’re vigorously creating various initiatives – writing project proposals, one project has already been completed – „Coaching for NGO leaders”. All projects are being run with the mission of development throughout life and are therefore dedicated to different age groups (from children aged 6 through youth and high school students, to young adults and seniors). We operate both locally (projects in Warsaw), nationally (project for NGO leaders in Poland) and internationally (project with three partners from different countries in Erasmus+).

Volunteer program objectives:

  • Supporting volunteers in their efforts to improve skills of self-direction, decision-making and personal motivation through engaging them in countless tasks within the Foundation.;
  • Enabling volunteers to become a part of prosocial initiatives, learning and passing on their knowledge and skills;
  • Creating and upkeeping a partnership between Atalaya Foundation and its volunteers.


  • Contacting our international partners involved in the Erasmus + project throughout the application building process (co-writing the project, building relations with English speaking partners, partaking in strategy meetings);
  • Actively promoting the Foundation (building the Facebook fanpage, developing the website, additonal training in using WordPress is also availible);
  • Everyday project support;
  • Taking part in trainings and seminars both within the Foundation and through outside training programs, relaying important information to the rest of the team in a manner most suited to building the given skill (communication, team leadership, public appearances, etc.)
  • Other tasks and projects suggested by you! We encourage taking initiative, so if you have an idea that fits into the Foundation’s mission and would be helpful to us we would love to hear about it.

Benefits – What can you gain?

  • You will personally plan what areas you would like to develop, you will have the chance to practice these skills and further your knowledge of the field which interests you. We will help you on your path by providing trainings and suggesting readings;
  • You will take part in trainings related to supporting NGOs and it’s members and have the chance to relay the information to the rest of the team. You will then have the ability to receive feedback in areas of interest to you (i.e. different aspects of leading a group, public speaking, effective communication, etc.);
  • You will be investing your time and energy into an interesting and meaningful initiavie as well as your own future through broadening skill sets most saught after by employers (i.e. teamwork, taking initiate, responsibility);
  • The ability to better understand methods of self-development (what is group coaching, what are some of the new innovative methods of working with groups – British Drama or Horse Assisted Education just to name a few);
  • Learn about the benefits and uses of new technologies (not only in the field of education);
  • Lasting memories of working with the most creative, energetic and warmhearted team you will ever find.

What we’re looking for?

We need people who are ready to be an active part of our team, want to invest in their self-development, are interested in education and enabling the personal growth of others and are willing to take up projects tied to these fields.

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