Empower Compassion and Movement


In this project we would like to address the need of strengthening coaching skills, expanding skills and knowledge on Non Violent Communication and the need of effectiveness in developmental work with young adults, which can be obtained by including more of the performative approaches, such as IFS (Internal Family System) and psychodrama.

The Atalaya team members will take part in a 6-day tailored training „Compassion focused dialogues with self and others, based on IFS and NVC” prepared by Pernille Plantener from BusinessByHeart in Denmark. 


Pernille Plantener

is a consultant, trainer and coach in companies, families and with individual clients. She has taught courses on communication, coaching and business development. Trained in organic farming and agricultural engineering, Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication, Certified Coach at PCC Level, and Mentor Coach. She trained in Internal Family systems, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Resonant Healing of psychic traumas. Pernille uses figurines to model the multi-facetted nature of the human mind.