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Atalaya Foundation was founded at the end of 2014. We are mainly focused around education and supporting adults, youth and children in their quest for designing and fulfilling their plans for self-development. Our mission is supporting individuals in their personal growth throughout their lives. Our educational programs are prepared to suit the needs of our participants, utilise innovative methods of teaching and a proactive approach to learning and a personal responsibility for one’s own personal growth.

We dedicate our projects predominantly towards institutional care, nonprofit organizations, as well as active members of Warsaw’s community.

Atalaya organizes various trips and educational programs for both children as well as institutional care staff, such as: „Educoaching – NVC w działaniu”, “In contact”, „Wa-wa Vavation”, „Empathy in Education”, „Trampoline” and „Investing in Me”. We also organize fundraising campaigns which make it possible for us to celebrate the holiday spirit during our winter trip(Be Like Santa” Vernissage”) and during our summer get-aways („Wa-wa Vacation”). These projects for kids and youth are also aimed at improving their feeling of self-worth and support them in the difficult transition to independent life outside of institutional care.

Our projects also support those working in the non-profit sector. These focus on increasing productivity at work, professionalizm and promoting the idea of growth through adopting successful tactics from the business sector. We host seminars such as „Social Media Seminar for NGOs”, „A Guide to Project Coordination”, as well as individual and group coaching – „Coaching for NGO leaders”.

In order to share our philosophy we also have educational and self-development projects open to the public both in Poland and around Europe which are rooted in alternative and innovative methods of teaching and learning: „Innovation Academy” and „VIAME: Values In Action – Method Exchange”. We also launched our first „School of Designing Development” aimed to increase knowledge and ability to independently plan and carry out personal-development projects. We started our school as the direct result of our experience with various educational programs and our in-depth analysis of the needs of those looking to work as trainers, coaches, facilitators, mentors, managers or leaders. The first group in our school starts this October.

All of our projects bring together emotional development with the constant focus on perfecting social and cognitive skills.

The Foundation is constantly growing and we are in this process we are supported by a group of fantastic individuals which bring their unique perspective and experience to our team. Each day we observe teh real world and work to meet it’s needs. We listen to various points of view. We are open to those who are open to change and growth.

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Meet the team:

Anna Ejme

Atalaya’s founder and president, psychologist, coach, group process facilitator with over 10-year experience in personal development initiatives and workshops aimed to improve social skills. With a sense of humor and a proper distance, she is co-creating with the hole team an organization based on trust, self-commitment and freedom.

Ania Brymora

Project manager, PR specialist, trainer and English tutor. She began working in education in Washington, D.C. as an outdoor education counseler. Since then she's been involved in countless educational initiatives both in Poland and the US. Her main goal is to implement her experience with the American educational system in Poland. Some say she’s the embodiment of positive energy.

Marzena Stopa

Atalaya’s vice-president, psychologist, trainer, project coordinator. She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS) and completed Business Trainer School with the Polish TROP Group. Conducts countless trainings and workshops related to social skills such as: assertiveness, communication, negotiations and conflict resolution.

Marta Marczak

project coordinator, recruitment specialist, graduate of AGH in Krakow. Marta found her path of life in Warsaw, where she fell in love with the city and started her adventure with non-governmental organizations. She mostly engages in activities aimed particularly at children and youngsters, but also wants to co-create workshops for adults.

Paulina Jędrzejewska

Member of the Foundation’s council, experienced trainer, group coach, completed Group Coaching studies with the Polish TROP Group, sociologist, cultural anthropologist, social activist. Since 2010 she has been the president of Culture Shock, a Warsaw foundation involved in art, design, innovative education, public space and new technologies. Some say she's the most straightforward person you'll ever meet.

Anna Grygalewicz

Communication Specialist, graduate of the Psychology on SWPS University. NGO is her escape from corporate career, helping her to maintain her inner balance. Anna has a tiny obsession about Corporate Social Responsibility. If an event has CSR written somewhere, she's there. After hours she enjoys watching English football, target shooting and hip-hop music.

Vesna Lorenc

Certified coach and cross-cultural trainer. Conducts sessions and workshops both in Polish and English for multicultural teams, NGOs, female groups and individual clients. Her own cultural background and work experience inspires her to work in the fields of diversity and personal identity.

Anna Łoboda

Educator, drama trainer, pedagogue, catechist. She runs the PRETEKST theater group as well as self-development workshops in Poland and abroad which employ drama and bibliodrama methods. Anna has a degree from the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw, completed Therapeutic Pedagogy Studies and a postgraduate in Prophylactics and Therapy of Educational Difficulties.

Agata Wiatrowska

Facilitator method HAE , certified coach and trainer, the owner of the resort HorseSense, director of the international association EAHAE. She has many years of management experience. For 10 years leading development programs with horses , as well as school facilitators method. She creates and co-leads projects for leadership development, entrepreneurship, economic activity throughout the country and around the world. She is co-author of the book

Aleksandra Będziak

volunteer at Atalaya, psychology student at the University of Warsaw. She enjoys working with children - numerous times she has volunteered as at children's festivals. At the Foundation Aleksandra is engaged in organizing and conducting workshops for children. She is willing to get involved in all projects related to psychotherapy. Unstoppable bookworm. Avid traveller, cooking lover and eternal experience seeker.