Empower Compassion and Movement



In this project we would like to address the need of strengthening coaching skills, expanding skills and knowledge on Non Violent Communication and the need of effectiveness in developmental work with young adults, which can be obtained by including more of the performative approaches, such as IFS (Internal Family System) and improvisation theatre.

The Atalaya team members took part in a 6-day tailored training “Compassion focused dialogues with self and others, based on IFS and NVC” prepared by Pernille Plantener from BusinessByHeart in Denmark and “Moving Forward – Improvisation Theatre Workshop” prepared by Maria Carbunaru from OKNA- Espaco Cultural in Portugal.

 As a result of all the actions, we prepared a publication, which will include several articles about effective support for young adults in the transition to adulthood process. We focused on shedding some more light on problems and challenges faced by young adults with fewer opportunities and the ways of supporting them compassionately and effectively.


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“Moving Forward – Improvisation Theatre Workshop”

06-08.05.2022 Portugal

During the 3-day training, in Moving Forward we had the opportunity to:

· explore ourself in a supportive and playful learning space;
· uncover our natural spontaneity, creativity and resourcefulness;
· explore improvisation principles and exercises that help us integrate emotional blockages and move forward in authentic ways;
· learn how to apply improvisation skills to mentoring, coaching or facilitating settings;
· enter an international open space to exchange experience with professionals from various backgrounds;
· participated in an evening Improv Jam Session in Porto organized by an international improv group;
· commited to a personal action plan to transfer the benefits of the workshop in an area of our life (self, relationships, work, community etc.)
· get connected with large professional networks of Improvisation practitioners, teachers and coaches around the world to continue our development.

Maria Carbunaru

is a trainer with over 12 years of experience of returning individuals and groups to their natural creative potential, emotional intelligence and presence. She co-founded Education Studio organization in Cluj, Romania, where more than 7000 people took part in transformative experiential learning journeys since 2015. She has offered Applied Improvisation experiences since 2017 to teachers, coaches, doctors, lawyers, social workers, software developers, creative designers and students from various organizations in European countries, Armenia, Ethiopia and China. She promoted the power of improvisation in conferences and events like “Learning Design Conference in Netherlands and TEDx Salon Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

“Compassion focused dialogues with self and others, based on IFS and NVC” 

14-19.09.2021 Denmark

During the 6-day training, we acquired the knowledge and competences needed in our daily work with youth.

Day 1- We set individual goals for the week. We presented cases from our work, using NVC to understood dynamics. We made a body – emotion exercises. Establishing a measure stick in our own bodies.

Day 2 – We had time for Needs-Based Coaching basics. Principles of trust, resourcefulness, diversity, wholeness and freedom. We got to know what they are Empowering questions. We structured a coaching session.  We talked about coaching skills: Intuition and metaphors, Interruption and silence

Day 3 – NVC – in supporting and in equal relationships. (Dissolving judgements with care and understanding for ourselves; The power of precise requests). We focused on feelings: The seven circuits of feelings and motivation, with figurines to represented them.

Day 4 – Understood needs, the living energy of needs, and used figurines to represent them.

Day 5- We worked with shame, combining IFS and NVC

Day 6 – We talked about self-care in practical life. Saying NO! And receiving no. And restoring dignity with both. Appreciations for us, for self, for life. Grief as an ongoing, daily practice. We made evaluation and completion.

Pernille Plantener

is a consultant, trainer and coach in companies, families and with individual clients. She has taught courses on communication, coaching and business development. Trained in organic farming and agricultural engineering, Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication, Certified Coach at PCC Level, and Mentor Coach. She trained in Internal Family systems, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Resonant Healing of psychic traumas. Pernille uses figurines to model the multi-facetted nature of the human mind.

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